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Niyah Perfume Oil Scent Overview

We understand that technology hasn’t given us the possibility yet to smell a scent over the internet. Therefore we try to be descriptive and factual with the ingredient scents of each of our locket range scents. Those with a * are our bestsellers perfumes. Our inhouse scents: * El-Bachir: An intense oriental combination of musk,…

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Designer Inspired – what does it mean?

All perfumes and fragrances are essentially made by combining either synthetised oils or essential oils or both. Every perfume has its recipe, because a recipe allows you to be consistent in the fragrance you like to create. You’ll find when perfumes are described that one speaks of a base, heart and top notes (we’ll get…

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How to make my reed diffuser last?

Our 100ml reed diffuser can last between 12 to 18 weeks. As you see the difference in time varies a lot and those are the considerations you can make to get the most of them: the amount of reeds used: the more reeds you use, the stronger the scent and therefore the quicker the perfumed…

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What is a reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers are diffusers (containers with perfume oil) that use reeds (specially designed scent sticks) to soak up the fragrance oil and allow the scent to evaporate into the air. It is never lit or burned unlike other home fragrance options. It allows you to scent rooms without the need of a plug. A ‘whiff’…

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